Choosing The Perfect Caterer

Choosing The Perfect Caterer

Planning A Party? 3 Reasons You Should Give Craft Beer A Try

by Cathy Fields

When you plan a party, you might zero-in on your go-to beer brand, since you already know that your friends will drink it. Unfortunately, safe options are never that exciting, and something as simple as your brew choice might make your party seem like a snooze-fest. Fortunately, craft beer, which is made in small batches by specialized breweries, can put an interesting edge on what might be an otherwise dull event. Here are three other reasons you should give craft beer a try:

1: To Support Small Business Owners

If you have ever started up your own business, then you probably understand how difficult it can be to compete in a marketplace filled with large, powerful companies. One of the great things about craft breweries is that many of them are small, local organizations. However, since craft beer is so good, the entire craft beer industry has more market share today than ever before. In fact, in 2014, craft beer breweries held 11% of the beer market. By buying craft beer, you will be supporting local business owners—putting more money into the pockets of someone close to home, instead of those massive breweries.

2: To Enjoy Delightful Food Pairings

Once you jump aboard the craft beer train, you might be overwhelmed with the number of varieties there are to choose from. Brewery aficionados customize everything from the alcohol content to infused flavor varieties—creating some of the most fascinating, delicious brews available on the market.

In addition to arousing your taste buds, craft beer also pairs incredibly well with foods, so that you can create an incredible culinary experience for your guests. For example, did you know that an Imperial Ale goes perfectly with foie gras, or that an Abbey Dubble compliments barbecue dishes? By pairing your dishes with the perfect craft beer, you might be able to make those flavors pop.

3: It's the Perfect Conversation Starter

Since small craft breweries aren't bound by the dictates of large corporations, they have more creative leeway when it comes to their labels. Instead of a standard, boring logo, you might find a haunting drawing of a pirate or a hilarious play on words. Coupled with the fact that the interior contents are downright delicious, craft beers are the perfect conversation starter.

By serving craft beer at your next party, you might be able to make your event a little more interesting, while feeling good about your investment. Contact a company like Hoboken Beer & Soda Outlet to learn more about what makes craft beer great.


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Choosing The Perfect Caterer

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