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How To Store Various Fruits And Vegetables To Preserve Freshness

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When trying to decide what container to place your food product in, you will may find that there are conflicts between how you want to present your product and what will help your product last the longest. The proper way to store food products to prolong their freshness really depends on the specific product, since different fruits and vegetables produce different gases and vary in how they react to moisture. Propylene bags are used as a way to preserve freshness for a food product. They also provide the visibility that is necessary to allow customers to see your product so they can be enticed by the quality. Bags that are crystal clear provide a level of transparency that allows for customers to know exactly what product they are getting rather than relying on an image on a box. Another benefit of this option is that it is very durable, so it is less likely to tear and develop a hole that could compromise the freshness of the product. Despite all of these benefits, the bags are also very affordable. However, the types of propylene bags you use and how you store various fruits and vegetables can vary. Raisins Raisins can last a long time if they are stored in a sealed airtight container. Otherwise, they will lose too much moisture and will become dry and rubbery. Berries Berries can be kept by washing them in vinegar and storing them inside a plastic container, which will prolong how long the berries will remain fresh. However, fruits and vegetables, including berries, should not be stored in a sealed plastic container, since they need air to avoid spoiling too fast. Celery Celery should also be stored in a perforated container to allow for the gases that cause celery to spoil to escape. Also, if celery is removed from the container and wrapped in aluminum foil once the product is brought home, it will last longer. Leafy Greens Leafy greens can be stored in perforated containers to allow them to last longer. They should also be separated loosely by paper towels. This process reduces the amount of excess moisture that causes leafy vegetables to spoil more quickly. Mushrooms While mushrooms are usually kept in plastic containers, they are less likely to go bad when they are stored in brown paper bags, since these help to absorb moisture. If the mushrooms become dry enough, they will simply need to have a little water added before being consumed and they will return to their original form. To learn more, contact a company like Uniko Food...

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How To Plan A Great Wedding Reception For Your Daughter Right At Your Own Home

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Does it seem like just yesterday that you were enrolling your little girl in kindergarten? Now the years have flown by and you are probably having mixed emotions about her getting married. Part of you is excited that she has found the man of her dreams, while another part of you may be overwhelmed about the fact that you have a wedding and a wedding reception to plan. As you plan the reception, here are some ideas that might inspire you and your daughter to plan something that the newlyweds and others who attend will remember with delight for the rest of their lives. Considerations For A Home Reception – Besides saving you a lot of money, having the wedding reception right at home can be a lovely place for the celebration. The right floral arrangements and other decorations can transform your house and your back yard into something that is very suitable for a wedding reception.  Are you planning an outdoor reception? If so, consider renting a party tent. Not only would this be a pretty touch, but it would save the day if you have rain.  If you are planning a summer wedding and you live where it gets hot, consider renting large air conditioners or fans that are suitable for outside. Another good idea is to rent portable flooring so there will be a place for dancing. The Decorations – Are you going with a formal theme or with a casual one?  A Formal Theme – Think of two words, elegance and simplicity. Consider using elegant candle holders along with flowers for the centerpieces. Crystal, gold or silver candleholders would be perfect, and you can never go wrong with roses for a wedding flower arrangement. White, pale yellow and pale pink roses combined with baby’s breath and with ribbon of your daughter’s wedding colors would be very elegant. A Casual Theme – If your daughter has chosen to set a more casual mood, think about using things like light houses, colorful metal bicycles and decorative bird houses as your centerpieces. Adding sunflowers, daisies and geraniums would be a festive touch, too.  The Food – Of course, your budget will be part of what determines what you will serve at the reception. Just remember that the main reason people are attending the wedding is to honor the bride and groom and to offer best wishes. Even a reception with just cake and punch is very appropriate. If you want to serve a more elaborate meal, consider having it catered. Whether you’re going with something like petite filet mignons or a festive BBQ dinner, the caterers will be happy to help determine what will be served. Whether there will simply be fellowshipping or whether you are also planning an event that includes dancing, think about having a video of the bride and groom from their childhood through present day. Another idea is to have a display table with pictures on it. This would also be a good place to have the guest book. For more help, contact a service like McHale’s Events &...

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Nursing Home And Assisted Living Food Service Professionals: Five Tips For Saving Money While Making Meals Healthier

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If you are in charge of food management for a kitchen in a nursing home or an assisted living facility, you have a challenging position. You have to keep food and kitchen labor costs relatively low while also keeping the food tasty and healthy. If you want tips on how to achieve both goals, check out these ideas. They will make your meals healthier while also saving your kitchen money: 1. Reduce the amount of meat on each plate In most cases, meat costs more per pound than beans, potatoes and veggies. By reducing the amount of meat on each plate, you save money, and you also increase the amount of fiber, vitamins and valuable nutrients your residents get with their meals. For example, if a quarter of each meal is currently meat, consider dropping that to ten percent. Remember to augment protein consumption with leafy dark green veggies and more beans. 2. Prepare your own potatoes If you are currently using powdered mash potatoes or pre-cut french fries, consider buying plain russet potatoes and making these things yourself. If you have the staff in your kitchen peeling, cutting and cooking raw potatoes rather than using the packaged variety, you are likely to save money. To crunch the numbers, factor in the cost of your labor and the cost of the spuds. Then, compare that to the cost of prepackaged potatoes. In most cases, your kitchen will save money, and your meals will have fewer stabilizers, flavor enhancers and other chemicals associated with packaged foods. 3. Make your own stock Buying meat or veggie stock can be expensive, and when you used packaged stocks, they usually have a lot of sodium in them. That is not healthy for anyone but certainly not healthy for elders. Instead of buying packaged stocks, save your veggie peels and off cuts as well as your meat bones throughout the week. Once a week, throw everything into a big pot of water and boil all day until you have stock. You can freeze it and use it as needed. 4. Grow your own garden Another way that many food service management professionals are discovering helps to save money is gardening. If you can plant a small garden outside the kitchen at your facility, it gives you access to organic, fresh veggies. If you like, you may even be able to elicit the help of the facility’s residents. Not only will the veggies boost their health, but so too will working in the garden. 5. Hire professional help If you are struggling to keep the food costs low in your assisted living or nursing home kitchen, you may want to hire professional help. You can hire food service management professionals who look at the way you are currently running things and help you to adjust your practices accordingly....

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Planning A Party? 3 Reasons You Should Give Craft Beer A Try

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When you plan a party, you might zero-in on your go-to beer brand, since you already know that your friends will drink it. Unfortunately, safe options are never that exciting, and something as simple as your brew choice might make your party seem like a snooze-fest. Fortunately, craft beer, which is made in small batches by specialized breweries, can put an interesting edge on what might be an otherwise dull event. Here are three other reasons you should give craft beer a try: 1: To Support Small Business Owners If you have ever started up your own business, then you probably understand how difficult it can be to compete in a marketplace filled with large, powerful companies. One of the great things about craft breweries is that many of them are small, local organizations. However, since craft beer is so good, the entire craft beer industry has more market share today than ever before. In fact, in 2014, craft beer breweries held 11% of the beer market. By buying craft beer, you will be supporting local business owners—putting more money into the pockets of someone close to home, instead of those massive breweries. 2: To Enjoy Delightful Food Pairings Once you jump aboard the craft beer train, you might be overwhelmed with the number of varieties there are to choose from. Brewery aficionados customize everything from the alcohol content to infused flavor varieties—creating some of the most fascinating, delicious brews available on the market. In addition to arousing your taste buds, craft beer also pairs incredibly well with foods, so that you can create an incredible culinary experience for your guests. For example, did you know that an Imperial Ale goes perfectly with foie gras, or that an Abbey Dubble compliments barbecue dishes? By pairing your dishes with the perfect craft beer, you might be able to make those flavors pop. 3: It’s the Perfect Conversation Starter Since small craft breweries aren’t bound by the dictates of large corporations, they have more creative leeway when it comes to their labels. Instead of a standard, boring logo, you might find a haunting drawing of a pirate or a hilarious play on words. Coupled with the fact that the interior contents are downright delicious, craft beers are the perfect conversation starter. By serving craft beer at your next party, you might be able to make your event a little more interesting, while feeling good about your investment. Contact a company like Hoboken Beer & Soda Outlet to learn more about what makes craft beer...

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Foodborne Illnesses: The Primary Reason Why You Should Ensure That Your Broiler Is Heating Properly

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When fish, beef, or chicken is undercooked, very nasty foodborne illnesses can result. Thankfully, broiling is a very effective way to remove the risk of infection  because it cooks food at an extremely high temperature. If your broiler is broken, however, you will likely under-cook these foods and place your customers at a greater risk of contracting food poisoning. Regularly inspect your broiler to ensure that it is cooking at the temperature that it should. Here are some of the most common foodborne illnesses that can result from dishes undercooked because of a broken boiler. Fish Broiling is one of the best ways to prepare fish of all kinds, including shellfish, finfish, lobster, and scallops. Broiling gives seafood a crisp outer layer while still keeping the meat tender and flavorful. Fish should be cooked to an internal temperature of 145 degrees. Undercooked fish and shellfish are the leading sources of food poisoning here in the United States, and if your broiler is not heating your foods at a high enough temperature, you are putting your customers at risk. The histamine and ciguatoxin found in fish are two of the most common sources of food poisoning in America, but proper cooking will not remove the risk. Yet, undercooked fish pose additional infection risks as well. Vibrio Infections: Two forms of Vibrio infections are common in undercooked fish. This infection causes diarrhea, cramping, and abdominal pain; in people with weakened immune systems, a Vibrio infection can lead to more serious symptoms, like fever and shock. Beef Broiling steak is a great alternative to grilling. Steaks, chops, and roasts should be cooked to an internal temperature of 145 degrees, and ground beef should be cooked to a temperature of 160 degrees. Ground beef poses the greatest risk of contamination. Escherichia Coli: This bacteria lives in your intestines, but if you eat undercooked meat contaminated with it, you can be sick for up to ten days. The most common symptoms are diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and cramping. Salmonella: At least 42,000 Americans are infected by salmonella each year. Eating infected undercooked meat can lead to diarrhea, cramping, and fever. Chicken Broiling is a very versatile way of cooking chicken. There are so many ways to broil chicken, but the internal temperature should always reach 165 degrees. Unfortunately, undercooked poultry is a leading cause of foodborne illness. Campylobacteriosis: Undercooked chicken can cause campylobacteriosis, an infection resulting in bloody diarrhea and vomiting. Perfringens Food Poisoning: This foodborne illness is common in buffets. Undercooked food that is left out for long periods of time become breeding grounds for Perfringens, which causes severe abdominal pain, nausea, and...

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