Choosing The Perfect Caterer

Choosing The Perfect Caterer

How To Plan A Great Wedding Reception For Your Daughter Right At Your Own Home

by Cathy Fields

Does it seem like just yesterday that you were enrolling your little girl in kindergarten? Now the years have flown by and you are probably having mixed emotions about her getting married. Part of you is excited that she has found the man of her dreams, while another part of you may be overwhelmed about the fact that you have a wedding and a wedding reception to plan. As you plan the reception, here are some ideas that might inspire you and your daughter to plan something that the newlyweds and others who attend will remember with delight for the rest of their lives.

Considerations For A Home Reception - Besides saving you a lot of money, having the wedding reception right at home can be a lovely place for the celebration. The right floral arrangements and other decorations can transform your house and your back yard into something that is very suitable for a wedding reception. 

  • Are you planning an outdoor reception? If so, consider renting a party tent. Not only would this be a pretty touch, but it would save the day if you have rain. 
  • If you are planning a summer wedding and you live where it gets hot, consider renting large air conditioners or fans that are suitable for outside.
  • Another good idea is to rent portable flooring so there will be a place for dancing.

The Decorations - Are you going with a formal theme or with a casual one? 

A Formal Theme - Think of two words, elegance and simplicity. Consider using elegant candle holders along with flowers for the centerpieces. Crystal, gold or silver candleholders would be perfect, and you can never go wrong with roses for a wedding flower arrangement. White, pale yellow and pale pink roses combined with baby's breath and with ribbon of your daughter's wedding colors would be very elegant.

A Casual Theme - If your daughter has chosen to set a more casual mood, think about using things like light houses, colorful metal bicycles and decorative bird houses as your centerpieces. Adding sunflowers, daisies and geraniums would be a festive touch, too. 

The Food - Of course, your budget will be part of what determines what you will serve at the reception. Just remember that the main reason people are attending the wedding is to honor the bride and groom and to offer best wishes. Even a reception with just cake and punch is very appropriate. If you want to serve a more elaborate meal, consider having it catered. Whether you're going with something like petite filet mignons or a festive BBQ dinner, the caterers will be happy to help determine what will be served.

Whether there will simply be fellowshipping or whether you are also planning an event that includes dancing, think about having a video of the bride and groom from their childhood through present day. Another idea is to have a display table with pictures on it. This would also be a good place to have the guest book.

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Choosing The Perfect Caterer

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