Choosing The Perfect Caterer

Choosing The Perfect Caterer

How To Store Various Fruits And Vegetables To Preserve Freshness

by Cathy Fields

When trying to decide what container to place your food product in, you will may find that there are conflicts between how you want to present your product and what will help your product last the longest. The proper way to store food products to prolong their freshness really depends on the specific product, since different fruits and vegetables produce different gases and vary in how they react to moisture.

Propylene bags are used as a way to preserve freshness for a food product. They also provide the visibility that is necessary to allow customers to see your product so they can be enticed by the quality. Bags that are crystal clear provide a level of transparency that allows for customers to know exactly what product they are getting rather than relying on an image on a box. Another benefit of this option is that it is very durable, so it is less likely to tear and develop a hole that could compromise the freshness of the product. Despite all of these benefits, the bags are also very affordable. However, the types of propylene bags you use and how you store various fruits and vegetables can vary.


Raisins can last a long time if they are stored in a sealed airtight container. Otherwise, they will lose too much moisture and will become dry and rubbery.


Berries can be kept by washing them in vinegar and storing them inside a plastic container, which will prolong how long the berries will remain fresh. However, fruits and vegetables, including berries, should not be stored in a sealed plastic container, since they need air to avoid spoiling too fast.


Celery should also be stored in a perforated container to allow for the gases that cause celery to spoil to escape. Also, if celery is removed from the container and wrapped in aluminum foil once the product is brought home, it will last longer.

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens can be stored in perforated containers to allow them to last longer. They should also be separated loosely by paper towels. This process reduces the amount of excess moisture that causes leafy vegetables to spoil more quickly.


While mushrooms are usually kept in plastic containers, they are less likely to go bad when they are stored in brown paper bags, since these help to absorb moisture. If the mushrooms become dry enough, they will simply need to have a little water added before being consumed and they will return to their original form.

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Choosing The Perfect Caterer

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